Isabelle & Julien

(Moncton, NB)

We hired Kaitlin to be our doula back in September while I was very early in my pregnancy. My anxiety level went down by about 50% after that initial consultation, and from that moment I knew that her kind, loving and compassionate personality would be perfect during my pregnancy and labor. Kaitlin is VERY organized and knowledgeable. The information sessions prior to the labor were amazing! We opted out of the prenatal classes at the hospital because we felt that the ones provided by Kaitlin were just as good if not better. I can honestly say that I enjoyed my labor (I know, sounds crazy right?!). I would do it all over again. Kaitlin's calm and nurturing personality, ability to answer questions, and ability to calm my nerves, was better than anything I would have ever imagined! The birth of our baby girl would have been much different without her there and I can't say that I would have "enjoyed" it! I honestly recommend Kaitlin and her doula services to anyone who is looking for that special person to help welcome a new baby into this world. I cannot thank her enough!!!
~Isabelle, Julien & Sophie


(Lower Coverdale, NB)

Kaitlin attended our birth this past Tuesday, and although I'm sure my body would have tried to have "done it without her", I do not think my mind would have succeeded in making it over the hurdles we came across. She was my rock, my servant, my coach and my friend, in what was the most difficult and exhausting experience of my life, and I could not be more grateful or appreciative of her patience and support. Her prenatal appointments  were also incredibly helpful, and being able to ask her advice anytime, in all the months leading up to my baby, was invaluable and probably saved labour and delivery hundreds of hours in lost time answering my questions! Knowing that she will be there for me in the coming weeks makes taking Marlie home tomorrow that much more exciting, as I don't have the fear many new parents do of going home and "being alone". Thank you Kaitlin for EVERYTHING the past few months. To anyone considering hiring her for doula services, you could not make a better choice! Even the labour and delivery nurses commented to me privately on what a wonderful person, doula, and support she is!  Thank you again Kaitlin! You now feel like part of our family after being bonded in the "battle" that was our birth.

~ Jessica, Ian & Marlie

I cannot recommend Kaitlin and placenta encapsulation enough. I credit it with my milk coming in as quick as it did and having such a fantastic supply, plus physically and emotionally bouncing back as quick as I have. I see so many stories of mums having supply issues and taking a long time to recover from their births and it makes me so sad that they hadn't heard of this in time for their births.​

~ Clare

The placenta encapsulation is powerful. What a difference! I took mine for a little over 3 months and I have to say recovery was fast, easy, and I had my full energy in no time. I was out at mommy group meetings when my little one was only 3 days old. They are very easy to take and have very little to no taste. I recommend placenta encapsulation to every mom-to-be out there. You'll not regret that decision, I know we didn't and I'm pregnant again with little one number two and there's no doubt I will encapsulate my placenta again. 

~ Joanne Lamkey


(Moncton, NB)

I have been taking my "placenta pills" (encapsulated by Kaitlin from Bellylicious) for nearly five weeks now (since giving birth). Although it is difficult to say how I would be feeling had I not been taking the pills, I am happy to say that I AM taking them daily and I feel great! Not a spec of postpartum depression, my milk supply is great (baby is exclusively breastfed and gaining more than enough weight - as per her two first doctor appointments), bleeding was light and is now completely gone, and my energy level is fine (considering I'm sleep-deprived!). I feel good knowing there are no chemicals in the pills. I have also had no negative side effects from taking them. It is also worth mentioning that I have worked with Kaitlin before (through a sleep consultation for my eldest child). She is a professional and I respect and trust her completely. 

~ Julie

A few kind words in regards to Placenta Encapsulation Services...


(Moncton, NB)

Dear Kaitlin,

Wow...so where to begin...

Thank you for your attention to detail, knowledge, kind heart, and experience. Your skills were exactly what we needed during the birth of Ella. Matt and I have talked at length about how you were the main factor that kept us going. During times when I felt unsure of myself, and times when we both felt lost, you were there being strong and supportive. Labour was the most challenging (physically and emotionally) experience of my life. But it is because of you and Matt that I feel PROUD of how everything happened. "Just go with the flow" still rings loud in my head. Ella is happy and healthy, and the best thing I have ever done in my life. We wouldn't have wanted anyone else with us in that delivery room!

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!

~ Heather, Matt & Ella

Jessica & Ian

(Moncton, NB)

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Kaitlin was an invaluable resource for us from the early pregnancy until the weeks after the delivery of our beautiful baby boy. Her knowledge of the birthing process enabled us to feel prepared and informed going into the big day. During labour, Kaitlin truly was our shining star. She has the knack to say and do the right things at the appropriate time. She was able to guide Mommy through any challenges and made her feel confident in her abilities. Overall, working with Kaitlin for this special day was a great decision and we are extremely satisfied with her competencies as a doula and would not hesitate to work with her again!

~ Chrissy, Brock & Bruno

Chrissy & Brock

(Shediac, NB)

​Before relocating to Moncton mid pregnancy we had never heard of a doula. After having Kaitlin on hand through the whole process I can't even imagine why people do not use one every time. Kaitlin was amazing. The birth did not go according to plan due to complications and Kaitlin was a superstar through the whole thing. She is extremely knowledgeable and was a great help in preparing for the birth. She has an amazing "bag of tricks", many of which came in extremely useful during labour. Both Jeannette and I are extremely pleased to have had Kaitlin there for the birth of Emily Anne Rose on October 23rd, 2010. We would definitely recommend her to any expectant parents who would like to relieve some of the stress around the delivery of their baby.

~ Rex, Jeannette & Emily

Rex & Jeannette

(Moncton, NB)

Heather & Matt

(Moncton, NB)

When my husband and I found out we were going to have a baby, my friend Kaitlin asked if we wanted her services as a Doula. I immediately said, "SURE!", and then asked, "What IS a doula?" Kaitlin's explanation was so exciting that I KNEW I wanted her help. She explained that a Doula was a labour support person for Mom and Dad who is there for emotional support and physical comfort during labour. My husband was a bit sceptical. He didn't want anyone getting "in the way" of his role as Dad at the birth. However, our first meeting with Kaitlin totally convinced us both that she was the right person to have as our doula. She was calming, encouraging, and gave us ideas on what to expect as labour approached and progressed. My husband was put at ease knowing we would get competent and capable help for the birth of our baby. As my pregnancy progressed, Kaitlin was always there for us. Her prenatal visits were so informative and I always felt comfortable phoning Kaitlin with any questions. She was a fountain on knowledge! The best part for me was the TOTAL assurance that she was only a phone call away. That was so comforting to me. The night I went into labour I felt out of sorts. My husband was convinced that I had indigestion and suggested to go to bed, yet my mom thought it could be labour. We didn't know what do to. A call to Kaitlin at 1:00 a.m. confirmed that she was on her way. As soon as she saw me, and watched me go through a few contractions, she suggested we go to the hospital. That was great advice as my water broke within 15 minutes of arrival! Kaitlin was amazing through the entire labour. She was calm, and kept us both calm. She talked me through EVERY contraction and was very encouraging. I would absolutely recommend Kaitlin as your doula! Her good nature, calmness, and knowledge were huge assets to my labour and birth. I would definitely hire her for my next baby!

Carolynn & Jason

(Thunder Bay, ON)

A few kind words from some very lovely families...