Placenta Capsules May Help to:

 Balance your hormones

 Enhance your milk supply

 Increase your energy

 Help you to recover more quickly from birth

 Bring your body back into balance

 Prevent the "baby blues" or Postpartum Depression

 Shorten postpartum bleeding

 Assist the uterus to return to size

 Increase and replenish postpartum iron levels

 ...and much much more! 






Placenta Keepsake (not for ingestion) - $150.00 +hst

Placenta Encapsulation Services



If you are interested in placenta encapsulation services, please complete the client intake form below to reserve your spot, and I will contact you to confirm and with further instructions.​​

What's Included :

  • The pick up of the placenta, and the delivery of your capsules and package.

  • Instructions and further assistance if needed.

  • Your Placenta Capsules (The average placenta yields about 150 capsules)

  • A Cord Keepsake (Your baby's umbilical cord dried in a coil and placed in a muslin bag as a keepsake)

  • Broth(The by-product of steaming the placenta over lemon and ginger. You can ingest it, put it on your plants, or throw it away.)

  • Placenta Tincture (A small piece of raw placenta infused into a dropper bottle of alcohol. It creates a medicinal extract that can be used for  many years to come for things like PMS, stress, illness, and life transitions. It can also be used on your baby for teething, colic, growing pains, stress etc! Some women even save the tincture for menopause! It's priceless really!)

 Packages & Services
Payment plans available upon request

*PLEASE NOTE: Placenta Services are currently not being offered at this time as I am currently off due to medical leave. Please feel free to contact me to discuss my availability in more detail. *

​​​We offer placenta encapsulation (capsules), tincture, salve, cord keepsakes, & prints!

Bellylicious is pleased to be a part of the Pure Birth Team & offer placenta services to families in theThunder Bay area!

​​The placenta encapsulation is powerful. What a difference! I took mine for a little over 3 months and I have to say recovery was fast, easy, and I had my full energy in no time. I was out at mommy group meetings when my little one was only 3 days old. They are very easy to take and have very little to no taste. I recommend placenta encapsulation to every mom-to-be out there. You'll not regret that decision, I know we didn't and I'm pregnant again with little one number two and there's no doubt I will encapsulate my placenta again. 


I have been taking my "placenta pills" (encapsulated by Kaitlin from Bellylicious) for nearly five weeks now (since giving birth). Although it is difficult to say how I would be feeling had I not been taking the pills, I am happy to say that I AM taking them daily and I feel great! Not a spec of postpartum depression, my milk supply is great (baby is exclusively breastfed and gaining more than enough weight - as per her two first doctor appointments), bleeding was light and is now completely gone, and my energy level is fine (considering I'm sleep-deprived!). I feel good knowing there are no chemicals in the pills. I have also had no negative side effects from taking them. It is also worth mentioning that I have worked with Kaitlin before (through a sleep consultation for my eldest child). She is a professional and I respect and trust her completely. 

​~ Julie

I cannot recommend Kaitlin & placenta encapsulation enough. I credit it with my milk coming in as quick as it did and having such a fantastic supply, plus physically and emotionally bouncing back as quick as I have. I see so many stories of mums having supply issues and taking a long time to recover from their births, and it makes me so sad that they hadn't heard of this in time for their births.

​~ Clare​​

Some kind words from our lovely encapsulation clients...

Client Intake Form

Your safety is of utmost importance to us! I have certification in the safe handling of blood and bloodborne pathogens in accordance with OSHA BBP Standard 29 CFR 1910.1030. Your placenta is prepared with utmost care in a sterilized environment, using sterilized equipment, and while wearing disposable gloves.

The salve is made by steeping a small amount of dried placenta with a soothing blend or organic herbs in organic olive oil. It is great for sore nipples, diaper rash, eczema, etc.

Standard Placenta Encapsulation Package - $230.00 

A unique piece of art made with your placenta. You will get 2 prints.

Placenta Salve - $40.00 +hst

How Can Placenta Capsules Help Me?

Out of City Delivery Fee - $20.00

I will dehydrate your placenta, grind it, and put it in a pretty little amber glass bottle so that you can take it with you wherever you go, without the risk of it going bad!

Placenta Prints - $10.00 +hst

If you live outside of the city of Thunder Bay, and require delivery to your home, a $20.00 delivery fee will apply for each direction traveled. Delivery is currently available to surrounding areas within 30 km (approximately) of Thunder Bay (Kakbeka, Murillo, Rosslyn etc.). Please contact me to see if you will require a delivery surcharge.

Please visit our friends at for more info on the wide range of benefits your placenta can provide, after birth instructions, articles, links, and more! And please feel free to contact me for more information on my methods, payment plans, and with any questions!