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And finally, I am dedicated to supporting you in having a positive, satisfying, and meaningful birth experience as YOU define it.

I recognize the extraordinary preciousness that the birth of your baby holds for you and your family members, honour this miracle, and work hard to protect your memories of childbirth.

I strive to create a calm, gentle and relaxed environment wherever you may choose to welcome your baby.

I am aware that women have complex and constant needs before, during, and after childbirth. I am dedicated to providing nurturing, compassionate, and unwavering support, and to being a continuous presence for both you and your partner.

I understand that each birth is unique and special. Therefore, in order to best support each family, I am dedicated to providing personalized care so that each and every family receives the individual, unique, and tailored support and guidance they deserve.

I believe that a woman's body instinctively and naturally knows how to give birth, and I trust in her strength. I strive to help women discover their inner strength, trust in their bodies, and believe in themselves.

"Women's strongest feelings (in terms of their birthings), positive and negative, focus on the way that they were treated by their caregivers."

~ Annie Kennedy and Penny Simkin

My Philosophy