Doula Services




What's Included:

TWO Prenatal Visits (1.5-2 hours each)

  • During these visits we will discuss and explore your priorities, preferences, hopes, and concerns, and discuss how you feel you would be best supported during childbirth.​

  • I can assist you in the completion of a Birth Plan.

  • We will review and practice different non-medical comfort measures, breathing techniques, and positioning options used during labour and birth...and much more! Whatever you feel needs to be done in order for you to feel prepared for your child's birth, we will get done!

ONE to TWO Postpartum Visits

  • You can decide if you'd like one or two postpartum visits. I generally like to get together with you within 1 WEEK of the birth to see how you are doing, review the birth, answer any questions you may have, and to admire the baby. If you'd like to arrange a second postpartum visit we can arrange that at the end of your first visit.

Labour Support

  • At the time of labour, I will join you at the destination of your choice (at home, hospital), and will provide you with unlimited early labour support. 

  • I will remain with, support, and assist you throughout the entirety of your labour and birth.

  • I will remain with you for 1-2 hours postpartum to assist with initial breastfeeding if necessary, and with anything else you may need.

Backup Support

  •  Please ask me how my backup support currently works!

Birth Doula Support Package

Newborn Sleep Education Session & Newborn Sleep Guide 
Understanding your newborn's sleep needs is of great importance! This session will help to inform you about your newborn's sleep needs, and equip you with the tools necessary to instill healthy sleep habits from the start so that your family can be a well-rested one! You will also receive a detailed Newborn Sleep Guide designed to guide you through the first three months with your newborn! (I am also a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant).

Add On Services

​​If you know or find out that you will be welcoming your baby via c-section, a Doula can still be extremely beneficial and helpful to you during your birth experience and in the immediate postpartum hours! Most families don't realize that the support of a doula is just as needed when welcoming your baby via c-section! Please contact me for details and pricing for my special C-Section Support Package!

Scheduled C-Section Support Package

Other Services Included:

  • Access to my lending library

  • Photography at the birth if desired (I am by no means a professional photographer, but I can capture some special moments throughout your birth experience as well as some first pictures of baby when he/she is first born.)

Let's meet to see if I'm the right doula for you and your family!

​*PLEASE NOTE: Labour Support Services are currently not being offered at this time as I am currently off doula duty due to medical leave. Please feel free to contact me to discuss my availability in more detail. *

All packages include an Initial Consultation. This initial consultation is free and does not obligate you in any way to my services. Please contact me to arrange a meeting!

*Please contact me for package rates. Payments can be made by cheque, cash, or e-mail money transfer. Payment plan is available.​​

​​These additional services can be added to your doula support package for a special rate only available to Bellylicious doula clients!

Placenta Encapsulation Services - 10% OFF all placenta services

Rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, placenta encapsulation has been shown to greatly benefit a woman during the postpartum period by helping to balance hormones, replenish iron levels, assist the uterus to return to size, shorten postpartum bleeding, speed the recovery process, enhance milk supply, increase energy, decrease the risk of postpartum depression or the "baby blues", and much more! Certified in the safe handling and preparation of your placenta, I provide placenta capsules, tincture, salve, cord keepsakes, and prints.

Private Infant Massage Class - $45.00 (Normally $60)

Scientifically proven to positively impact the psychological and physiological development of babies, this private baby massage class is a great way for parents and caregivers to learn how to calm, relax, and nurture the development of their baby. Taught in the comfort of your own home, this class includes plenty of demonstrations, explanations, and practice time. It also includes a detailed handout outlining everything taught during the class so that you can go back and massage your baby on your own with confidence. 

Postpartum Support - Please Inquire about my current hourly rate

​​There is great evidence that extra support and guidance during the immediate postpartum period as well as the first few months post birth has a positive impact on a family's ability to ease into the transition of adding a new baby to the family, and helps to enhance the postpartum experience.  

Postpartum support can include:

  • Basic Breastfeeding Support
  • Help with the emotional and physical recovery after birth
  • Continuous Emotional Support: Sometimes we all just need a listening ear, someone to talk to, another adult to interact with etc. I am here to provide you with non judgmental support.
  • Respite/Hands On Care For Baby:  If you need to take a break, have a shower, take a nap, make a phone call, whatever it is, I can help care for baby.
  • Pet Care:  If you have any fur babies who may need some attention, I can walk or play with them as well as give them a little extra love and attention.
  • Light Housekeeping Duties: To keep you from feeling overwhelmed, I can perform light housekeeping duties such as doing dishes, a few loads of laundry, dusting etc.
  • Running Errands: Shopping, Grocery Shopping etc. You have an errand you can't get out to run, I can run it for you.
  • Light Meal Preparation: Eating well during the immediate postpartum period is incredibly important! I can prepare some meals and snacks so that you have easy access to meals in your fridge!
  • Newborn Sleep Education: Helping you to understand your newborn's sleep needs and providing you with the support and tools you need to instill healthy sleep habits from the start will help your new baby and family to be a well-rested one! 
  • Referrals to local resources such as parenting classes, pediatricians, lactation support and support groups etc.

Essentially I am there to help, serve, support, and do whatever you need to best enjoy and care for yourself and your new baby. 
Please contact me for more information.


  • I will be available to you by phone, e-mail, and text 24/7 up until the birth as well as two weeks postpartum.

  • I will provide 24/7 on-call availability beginning TWO WEEKS before your scheduled due date, and lasting TWO WEEKS after your due date.