​Comfort Measures, Tools, & Tips for Labour - $90.00 + hst

​Newborn Sleep Education Session & Sleep Guide - $175.00 + hst

During this session we will discuss and cover the following:

  • Your personal questions and concerns
  • You and your partners feelings, questions, and concerns surrounding the upcoming birth
  • Your previous birth experiences (if applicable)
  • Your desires, wishes,and needs for this birth
  • Your greatest fears about the birth, and how to overcome those fears
  • Your options for Pain Control (medications) during labour and birth
  • Possible interventions performed/offered during labour
  • Newborn procedures
  • Tips for Writing you Birth Plan and examples commonly accepted at the hospital

​Once we've discussed all of the above, we will work together to create your "Wish List for Birth". Making this list will help to guide you in writing your birth plan.  After you have completed your birth plan, you will have access to me via e-mail, and can e-mail me a copy of your completed birth plan for review!

​​​Sessions & Prices

(Skype sessions available for long distance clients!)



**Do you have an older child who isn't sleeping well, and that you would like to get sleeping before the new baby arrives? If so, please click HERE for more info on how I can help your whole family enjoy a

restful night's sleep while waiting for baby to arrive!**

Are you looking for one-on-one support in preparation
for the birth of your baby?

Would you like to feel more comfortable, and be better informed, prepared and armed with all the tools

necessary to help you achieve your ideal birth?

​If you answered YES, then these sessions are for you!

**All sessions take place either in the comfort of your own home or via Skype, and last approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. **

Birth Preparation Sessions


During this session we will take the time to discuss, review, and practice the following:

  • ​​How to pack your own "Doula Bag" of tricks to help keep you comfortable during your labour.
  • I will show you all of the items in my Doula Bag and the tools I never attend a birth without!
  • How to safely use a Birth Ball (round and peanut), and effective positions for labour.
  • Comfort Measures for labour including: the use of water, the 3 R's, massage and counter pressure techniques, breathing for labour, positions for the different stages of labour, positions for pushing, and more!
  • Your personal questions and concerns

We will have the opportunity to discuss, practice, and explore all of these tools, comfort measures, and techniques so that you and your birth partner can use them effectively during labour! I will also leave you with handouts outlining everything covered so that you can easily refer back to what we have practiced together. You will also have access to me via e-mail leading up to your birth for any questions that you may have!

​Preparing For Your Ideal Birth - $70.00 + hst

Understanding your newborn's sleep needs and how to establish healthy sleep habits from the start is crucial to helping your baby to become a good sleeper!

We begin with a Private 60 minute Session where we will discuss:

  • Your newborn's sleep needs, and what kind of schedule will accommodate these needs
  • Your newborn's sleep environment, how to create a safe sleep environment, and SIDS Canada's current recommendations
  • How to teach your baby the difference between day and night
  • How to avoid creating a dependency on "sleep props", and how to use certain "sleep props" to your advantage
  • Sleep strategies that encourage healthy sleep habits
  • When to expect your baby to start sleeping through the night
  • Solutions to common newborn sleep challenges
  • Your personal questions about your newborn's sleep
  • ​And much more!

​You will then receive a detailed Newborn Sleep Guide:

  • ​Your Newborn Sleep Guide includes all of the tips, strategies, and techniques covered during your private consultation and will quickly become your go-to sleep guide as you move forward!

Followed by follow-up support to help you troubleshoot along the way:

ONE Follow Up Phone Call:

  • This phone call, typically lasting 20 minutes, can be scheduled during the first 12 weeks of your baby's life, or, after our session if baby has already arrived. We will take the time to address any issues, general questions, or concerns that you may have about your newborn's sleep.

TWO Follow Up E-mails:

  • You can e-mail me twice (until the time your child reaches 12 weeks of age), with any questions or concerns that you may have. I will provide you with my private e-mail address.